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  • Level 2 Introducing Caring for Children & Young People

Level 2 Introducing Caring for Children & Young People

This 12 week qualification provides an opportunity to study a range of topics covering childcare and education, parenting responsibilities, learning, child development and play. This course is currently being subsidised by the college and is, therefore, free of charge at present.

You will learn about the stages of development of young children from birth to three years and how to support the development of young children by providing for their basic needs. You will also learn about the value and importance of play for young children’s development and early learning and the role of the adult in providing play for young children. You will also learn about the legislation and guidance in respect of safeguarding the welfare of children including e-safety and what to do when children are ill or injured. You will also know how to respond to evidence or concerns that a child is being harmed.

Courses are only free to people who have lived in England for the past 3 yrs, are aged 19 years or over and are not currently accessing any other government funded training.
Please note there is a non-completion fee of £85 if you have to be withdrawn from the course.

Course fees:

Material: £0:00 Exam: £0:00 Tuition: £0:00

Awarding Body:

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What You Will Learn
Entry Requirements
Employment Information
How Assessed?
  • Unit 1: Young children’s development
  • Unit 2: The value of play to young children
  • Unit 3: The importance of play for early learning
  • Unit 4: Safeguarding the welfare of children and young people
  • Unit 5: Use food and nutrition information to plan a healthy diet
For a full description of the course specification please follow the following link to the awarding body’s web site.

Although there are no formal entry requirements for this course due to the nature and course delivery of distance learning we require all applicants to hold a minimum of English literacy level 1 (or equivalent).
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